Every Movie I Watched in 2014

So this website got hacked, got taken down, twice.

That combined with my losing of one of my backups and being lazy meant it has been offline for a while.

It’s back.

So in twenty fourteen I got a new job, did some stuff and generally had an OK-ish time.

Here’s the list of movies I watched in 2014 (The year I discovered Tyler Perry).

” – ” denotes new movie while ” * ” denotes having seen it before

Movies in BOLD are recommended & BOLD BLUE are highly recommended.

Movies I saw in 2014

In the heat of the night – 1967 – TCM
The raid * 2012 * Blu
The Babymakers – 2012 – Netflix
Gunmen – 1993 – VHS – first 34 min
After Hours – 1985 – DVD
Bad Grandpa – 2013 – Theatre
COTC 3: Urban Harvest * Netflix
Bad Milo – 2012 – theatre
All the Boys love Mandy lane – 2006 – Netflix
A cat in Paris – – Netflix
The Hunt For Red October – 1990 – Netflix
Wither – 2012 – amazon
Trance – 2013 – dvd
Man of Tai Chi – 2013 – dvd
The prophecy * 1995 * Netflix
The Counselor – 2013 – theatre
Only God Forgives – 2013 – Netflix
Midnight in Paris – 2012 – DVD
The escape plan – 2013 – DVD
The Shepard: Border Patrol – DVD
The Lego movie – 2014 – theatre
Sleep tight – 2011 – hbo go
Electric dragon: 80000 volts – 2001 – DVD
Kentucky fried movie * 1977 * DVD
Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry – Netflix
My bloody valentine * 1981 * blu
Bloody birthday – 1981 – netflix
Cockneys vs zombies – 2013 – Netflix
Resolution – 2013 – Netflix
Dark City * 1998 * blu
Wizard People, Dear Readers *
47 Ronin – 2013 – theater
Turkish superman – youtube
Melancholia – 2011 – Netflix
Creepshow 2 – 1987- Netflix
Jackie Chana first strike – 1996 – hbogo
Bridge of Dragons – 1999 – hbogo
On Deadly Ground – 1994 – amazon
HG: Catching Fire – 2013 – cable
TRUE DETECTIVE (it is more of a giant 8 hour movie after all)
OLDBOY remake – 2013 – DVD
Inside llewyn Davis – 2013 – DVD
Graceland – 2013 – Netflix
Makkhi (EAGA) – 2012 – Netflix
Tai chi hero – 2012 – Netflix
Rock N roll high school – 1979 – Netflix
Journey to the west – 2013 – theatre
Thor 2 * 2013 * DVD
Hanna * 2011 * blu
Jack Ryan: shadow recruit – 2014 – theater
The wolf of Wall Street – 2013 – DVD
Black moon rising – first third – 1986 – Netflix
captain America: winter soldier – 2014 – theatre
Aliens * 1986 * blu
The grand Budapest hotel – 2014 – theatre
The dictator – 2012 – amazon
Cold prey 2 – 2006 – download
The raid 2 – 2014 – theater
WNUF Halloween special – 2013 – DVD
Indiana jones and the temple of doom * part of movie on TV ###
The Bay – 2012 – Netflix
ROBOCOP remake – 2014 – theatre
Back to the future 3 last 20 mins * blu
Paranormal activity: the marked ones – 2014 – dvd
Basket case 3: the progeny – 1991 – download
The last temptation of Christ – 1988 – blue
Braveheart – 1995 – netflix
Terminator the second – 2013 – download
Turkish superman – finished
Lost in translation * first half * Netflix
We are what we are – 2013 – Netflix
Good day to die hard – 2013 – hbo go
The Silence of The Lambs * 1991 * amazon
Kill bill * 2003 * firSt 20
Die hard 5 – finish
Of unknown origin – 1983 – DVD
Spring breakers – 2013 – amazon
Frozen – 2013 – theatre
Need for speed – 2014 – theatre
Wolf creek 2 – 2013 – amazon
LEGO Movie * 2014 * theatre
Observe and Report * 2009 * DVD
Bullet in the head – 1990 – DVD
The legend of drunken master – 1994 – Netflix
X-men: days of future past – 2014 – theatre
Hansel and Gretel: witch hunters * 2013 * Netflix
Muppets most wanted – 2014 – theatre
Noah – 2014 – theatre
Oculus – 2014 – theatre
Xanadu – 1980- first 10 mins
Red Dragon – 2002 – dvd
JAWS * 1975 * blu
Outrage – 2010 – Netflix
The campaign – 2012 – hbo go
MADDEA’S witness protection – 2012 -download
Three the hard way – 1973 – first half – dvd
Army of darkness * 1993 * DVD
The last lovecraft – 2009 – download
22 Jump Street – 2014 – theatre
Xanadu – finished – netflix
Non-Stop – 2014 – theatre
Three the hard way – finished
Urban Legend – 1998 – download
The Brady bunch movie * 1995 * Netflix
Shaft – first 40 min
Confession of Murder – 2012 – amazon
Cheap thrills – 2013 – DVD
Bernie – 2011 – Netflix
The sentinel – 1977 – hbo go
The raid * 2012 * blu
How to train your dragon 2 – 2014 – theatre
The Conjuring – 2013 – blu
The tenement – 1985 – download
Dawn of the planet of the apes – 2014 – theatre
Urban Legends: Final Cut – 2000 – Netflix
Knock Off – 1998 – dvd
Congo * 1996 * netflix
Indian nightmare on elm street (mahakaal (time of death)) – 1993 – downlaod
Death spa – 1990 – stream
The raid 2 * 2014 * dvd
Life of pi – final 2/3
Flash Gordon * 1980 * download
Guardians of the galaxy – 2013 -theatre
SNOWPIERCER - 2013 – theatre
The protector 2 – 2013 – DVD
At the earths core – 1976 – Netflix – first 2/3
Stage fright – 2014 – amazon
Neighbors – 2014 – theatre
The apple – 1980 – Netflix
Sleepy beauty * 1959 * blu
The other guys – 2011 – download
You’re next – 2011 – Netflix
James Batman – 1966 – download
XTRO - 1983 – download
All cheerleaders die – 2014 – Netflix
Expendables 3 – 2014 – theatre
Deliver us from evil – 2014 – theatre
The visitor – 1979 – stream
The road warrior * 1979 * stream
The fairy – half of it – netflix
They came together – 2014 – dvd
The Hangover Pt III – 2013 – hbo
Training Day – 2001 – dvd
Hurcules (HURKLES) – 2014 – theater
The Sacrament – 2014 – Netflix
Urban legend: Bloody Mary – 2006 – Netflix
Shaun of the Dead * 2004 * dvd
Blazing saddles * 1974 * blu
Mystery team * 2009 * DVD
Into the Storm – 2014 – theatre
Return of the blind dead – 1972 – dvd first half
Shivers – 1975 – Netflix
Dead snow 2: red vs dead – 2014 – theatre
Born to fight – 2004 – dvd
Here comes the devil – 2012 – Netflix
The grand Budapest hotel – 2014 -Blu
Fury – 2014 – theatre
VHS: Viral – 2014 – Netflix
John wick – 2014 – theatre
A nightmare on elm street – 1984 – DVD
Uninvited – 1988 – vhs rip
The Addams family – 1991
Hellraiser III – 1992 – amazon
Big hero 6 – 2014 – theatre
Lucy – 2014 – theatre
Sabotage – 2014 – DVDs rip
Seven * 1995 * last 30 min
Housebound - 2014 – amazon
Absentia – 2011 -netflix
MOCKINGJAY – 2014 – theatere
Snowpiercer * second half
Space station 76 – first 35
Blood glacier – 2014 – Netflix
The vineyard – 1989 – Netflix
The purge: anarchy – 2014 – Blu
Stretch – 2014 – Netflix
The Babadook – 2014 – stream
I declare war - 2012 – amazon
Blade runner : final cut * 1982 * blue
The boxtrolls – 2014 – theatre
The book of life – 2014 – theatre
The horror of Dracula – 1958 – download
Enter the dragon – 1979 – blu
Supercop – 1993 – Netflix
Hobbit 3: 3D HFR – 2014 – theatre
No one lives – 2012 blu
John wick * 2014 * theatre
Santa with muscles – 1996 – download
To All A Good Night – 1980 – downlaod
A christmas Story * 1983 * dvd
The Interview – 2014 – download
A MADEA CHRISTMAS – 2013 – download
Almost human – 2013 – netflix
Norwegian ninja * 2010 * netflix
Number of Jean Claude Van Damme films: 2

A List of Every Movie I Watched in 2013

So I decided for posterity’s sake to keep a record of every movie I watched in 2013.

The movies have the title and the year they were release with a “-” signifying a first time viewing and a “*” signifying a repeat viewing.


John Dies at the End – 2012
The Innkeepers – 2011
Gangster Squad – 2013
Django Unchained – 2012
Mama – 2013
The Last Stand – 2013
The Bourne Legacy – 2012
Skyfall – 2012
Primer * 2004
Red Scorpion – 1989
Zero Dark Thirty – 2012
Iron Sky – 2012
The Ambassador – 2012
Bullet to the Head – 2013
Get the Gringo – 2012
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters – 2013
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – 1987
Valentine – 2001
Paranormam – 2012
A Fistfull of Dollars – 1964
The Driver – 1978
Slither – 2006
Goon – 2012
Chronicle – 2012
Two minute warning – 1976
Ace Ventura when nature calls * 1995
Scary movie 2 – 2001
The FP * 2011 – first third
Patriot games – 1992
Project A 2 – 1987
Cat o nine tails -1971
Rec 3: Genesis – 2012
Tucker and Dale vs Evil * 2011
OZ the great and powerful – 2013
Clear and present danger – 1994
Sudden Death – 1995
For love of the game – 1999
Evil dead * 1979
The hole – 2012
Martha Marcy may Marlene – 2011
Die hard * 1988
Anchorman * 2004
Evil Dead – 2013
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning – 2012
Drunken Master – 1978
Jiro dreams of sushi – 2011
Wreck-it Ralph – 2012
GI Joe: Retaliation – 2012
Into the sun – (first half) 2005
Robo Vampire – 1988
Wrong – 2012
Mean guns – 1997
Olympus has Fallen – 2013
Rosemary’s Baby – 1968
The citadel – 2012
Stolen – 2012
Back to the future – (first time all the way through in one sitting) 1985
Man with the iron fists – 2012
Mirror mirror – 2012
Shark night 3D – 2011
Lincoln lawyer – 2012
Iron man 3 – 2013
Leon * 1994
Wild zero * 2001
Kill list – 2011
Seven psychopaths – 2012
Punisher war zone * 2008
House II – 1987
Furious 6 – 2013
Rumble in the Bronx * 1995
Stake land – 2011
Django Unchained * 2012
Man on wire – 2008
Harold and Maude * 1971
Ricochet – 1991
Ong bak 3 – 2010
Dance fu – 2011
A Serbian film – 2011
Kiss kiss bang bang * 2005
Into the sun – finished – 2005
Man of steel – 2013
The muppets – 2011
Upstream color – 2013
Texas chainsaw massacre * 1974
Power kids – 2009
World war z – 2013
House of the devil – 2009
Destroy all monsters – 1968
Invaders from mars – 1986
Land of the lost * 2009
Lockout – 2012
Deadball – 2011
White House down – 2013
Pain and gain – 2013
Neverending story * 1984
Pacific rim – 2013
Rolling thunder -1977
The conjuring – 2013
Double impact – 1991
Sharknado – 2013
House * 1977
Evil dead  * 2013
Remo Williams: the adventure begins – 1985
The lost boys * 1987
Bill and Tess’s excellent adventure * 1989
Timecrimes * 2007
Highlander iii – 1994 (didn’t finish)
In the loop * 2009
The warriors * 1979
Cloud Atlas * 2012
Elysium – 2013
Splice * 2010
The Conjuring * 2013
Rifftrax Starship Troopers – 1997/2013
The Mask Of Satan (Black Sunday) – 1960
Paranormal activity 4 – 2012
Bill and ted’s bogus journey * 1991
Now you see me – 2013
Hell baby – 2013
Predator * 1987
The grandmaster – 2013
Pacific rim * 2013
Dead or alive 2 – started
Undisputed 2 : last man standing – 2006
Friday the 13th part 3 * 1982
Undisputed iii : redemption – 2010
The heat – 2013
The emperor’s new groove * 2000
The worlds end – 2013
Tai chi zero – 2012 (started it)
Dead man down – 2013
Under the bed – 2013
SALO – 1975
Birdemic 2: the resurrection – 2013
Harold and KUMAR 3 – 2011
Curse of CHUCKY – 2013
Hatchet III – 2013
Gravity – 2013
The conversation – 1974
The Host – 2006
Manborg – 2012
The Holy Mountain – 1978
Jurassic Park * 1993
Ninja – 2010
The fantastic mr fox * 2009
Yellowbrickroad – 2010
The abc’s of death – 2012
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers – 1989
Cathy’s Curse – 1978
Superstition – 1982
Cold Prey – 2006
Event Horizon * 1997
Escape from tomorrow – 2013
The bay – 2012 (first five min, fell asleep)
Halloween 6 – 1995
Prince of darkness *  1989
Trick r treat * 2009
Captain America * 2011
Thor * 2011
Our idiot brother – 2011
King of New York – 1990
Dredd * 2012
Dylan dog: dead of night – 2010
Samurai 1 : musashi miyamo – 1954
Hunger games – 2012
Insidious: chapter 2 – 2013
Headhunters – 2011
Dead or alive 2 – finished it
Passion – 2013
The hobbit: An Unexpected Journey * 2012
Grabbers – 2013
The wolverine – 2013
Point break * 2013
Blame – didn’t finish
Coneheads * 1993
Homefront – 2013
Brain damage – 1988
Bad lieutenant: port of call New Orleans * 2009
Starman – 1984
Pacific rim * 2013
Tai chi zero –  2012 finished
Outbreak – 1995
Godzilla raids again – 1955
Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – 2013
Riddick -2013
Kon-tiki – 2012
In Bruges * 2008
Prince avalanche – 2013
Sightseers – 2013
Doubled Team – 1997 (fell asleep)
Starcrash – 1978 (started, fell asleep)
Wrath of the titans – 2012
Hell comes to frogtown – 1987
ELVES – 1989 – youtube vhs rip, amazing
Drug war – 2013
The children – 2010
Batman returns * 1992
Die hard 2 * 1990
Silent night deadly night 5 – 1991
Terror within – 1989 – first half hour, got bored
Double Team – 1997
The Guard – 2011
Revolt – 1986 – strange movie that was never really released no imdb page

Saw Pacific Rim 3 times.
Saw 2 Jean Claude Van Damn movies with the word “Double” in the title
Saw 3 documentaries
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is amazing.
Watched 194 movies not counting the couple that I saw more than once and the few I only watched a few minutes of



IMG_2374Fall is back.

An while I’ve not been too active around these here parts, the world has kept spinning around, going its merry way.

What that means for me is that I’ve finally gotten a chance to try the Limited Edition Candy Corn Oreos.

These little suckers came out last year and are a Target exclusive item. I missed them last year, heard about them too late, and despite scouring the Halloween section of my local store I got none.

This year I was planning on heading over to get them right at the beginning of October, but was altered by a coworker via Snapchat that they already had come out mid September. I made my way to Target post haste.

I bought two packs.

One is gone.

I don’t really know if I’d call these good or not.

For starters, they’re Golden (aka: not classic chocolate (aka: fauxreos)) Oreos.

That’s not a deal breaker for me, cause well, I like cookies. Golden Oreos are good enough, never something that I’d normally choose over regular Oreos, and absolutely never choose over MEGA STUFS, but they’re perfectly serviceable as something to help eat my feelings with.



What makes these guys problematic is the creme. I haven’t been able to figure out if I like it. On one hand I’m pretty sure part of me does, as I ate probably half the pack of cookies on my own, but on the other hand it tastes nothing like candy corn to me.

Actually it kinda does, cause I guess all candy corn tastes like is sugar.

I don’t know.

They’ve got kinda this taste that’s more along the lines of HYPER SUGAR. Like sugar to the nth degree. Like sugar and sugary chemicals. I’m relatively sure that despite the two colors, both sides of the creme taste the same. Like an ultra sweet buttercream, but like a really really artificial sweet buttercream. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys eating frosting out of the tub (which I’m totally not (stop judging (YOU MONSTER))) you’ll probably enjoy the overwhelming sweetness of these bad boys.

They’re kinda strange, but not bad, just ultra sweet, with almost no other discernible qualities. They do separate in half better than regular Oreos, I managed a clean separation on every attempt.

I think that I’ll probably save my second pack for Halloween and for what it’s worth I’ll probably pick up another pack next fall. So mark this review down as a mild positive.


RIP Son of Beast

son-of-beast Back in 2002 I took a trip with mi padre to Cincinnati, Ohio for a family gathering. It was some cousin’s Bat Mitzvah, there was family fighting, and I haven’t had to see anyone on that side of the family since.

The one upside of the trip is that my father, my sister and I spent a day at Kings Island.

Kings Island is an amusement park and it used to have what I considered to be the best roller coaster I had ever gone on.


It was a gigantic wooden coaster, both the tallest and the fastest in the world, but what really made it terrifyingly special was the fact that it also had a loop.

It was fucking scary as hell.

The first drop was 214 feet tall, crazy high for a wooden coaster, and it it went 70 mph. For a wooden coaster that’s crazy, cause on a wooden coaster, you just get that rough bumpy feeling of HOLY SHIT IMMA FLY OFF THE TRACKS the whole time. And then there’s a loop. For my 14 year old self it was terrifying.

I was watching a show on wooden coasters today and decided to look up wooden coasters with loops, when I stumbled upon the sad information that Son of Beast was demolished in 2012. Apparently in 2006 some wooden beams broke and there was an accident. Nobody died or anything like that, but they took out the loop. and in 2009 some lady claimed that the ride gave her a brain hemorrhage, and so they closed it. After staying closed for a few seasons it was demolished in 2012.

I’ve been planning on going back up to Ohio to visit Cedar Point and Kings Island, and now I know that the trip won’t be as cool. I’ve been wanting to ride Son of Beast again for 11 years now, and finding out that it is gone really sucks.

Here’s a video of the ride:



Snacktastrophe: Mega Stuf Oreos

Mega Stuf OreoSo I believe that in life there are a few infallible truths.

One of them is: of the two components in an Oreo Sandwich Cookie, the creme is the superior.

Henceforth, the common Oreo has always been lacking. Which is why the Oreo cookie with more of the creme filling has always been the preferred snack. The Double Stuf Oreo as it was christened. I am of the firm belief that the Double Stuf Oreo is what an Oreo should be, and that they should just do away with the original. For compared to the Double Stuf, the original is just about worthless.

But lo, those at Nabisco have unleashed something better. THE MEGA STUF OREO. It has roughly double the creme as a double stuff, making it just about a double double stuf.

It is truly a testament to the greatness that mankind can achieve when it puts its collective mind to working towards the greater good.

No review is really necessary, for it is implied by their very existence that they are wonderful.

Mega Stuf Oreos
A good start


SPACETEAM is an incredibly fun iOS game

Spaceteam Control Panel
The average control panel in a game of SPACETEAM

“Reverse the Positron Capacitor!!!”

“Electroflush the nano tubes!!!”



These are all things you might yell at your friends during an average game of SPACETEAM.

Spaceteam takes the concept of people being on the bridge of a space ship yelling technobabble at each other and turns it into a party game. Up to four people connect via their i-devices, and form the crew of a spaceship. A spaceship that is trying to outrun an exploding sun. You have to work together as a team to survive for as long as possible. In Space. Which makes you all A SPACETEAM.

During each round, you are given a new control panel to man on your screen. It will consist of a variety of randomly generated buttons, switches, dials, or doodads. At the top of the screen it will say “Prepare for instructions” and then a timer quickly begins to count down as it commands you to take action to save your ship.

You play by yelling to your friends the instructions on your screen, so that they might perform the corresponding action on theirs.

You screen says “Invert The Nebulizer” so you yell that to your teammates  they try to complete the task while yelling out the instructions on their device. It becomes a deft balance of communication and the pressing of goofily named buttons. Time is always running out and your imminent demise is getting closer.

As you hurtle through space, various calamities can effect your control panel. Buttons can become unhinged, slime leaks can start, or you might have your ship get sucked into a wormhole, making everything got into trippy vision. The shenanigans never seem to cease.

two players in spaceteam
this is how the game works, but with generally more shouting

Spaceteam is a great game, because you have to play it with your friends. Preferably your silly friends who enjoy yelling wacky things at you.

Few games promote such a sense of camaraderie and exasperated laughter.  You’ll have a tough time saying the sci-fi jargon as the timer gets faster, the hazards get weirder and things get increasingly ridiculous. It is easily the most enjoyable multiplayer game I’ve played on the iPhone.

It’s also free. So get it now.


FROG FRACTIONS is one of the best games of 2012

frog fractions
best game of 2012


You can play it here.

To say too much more about it is to spoil a good portion of what makes the game such a unique joy to play.

I suggest you click that link up there and go play it without reading any more, because for me to describe how it’s great really takes away a bit of what makes Frog Fractions so special.

No seriously, go play Frog Fractions, listen to its splendid soundtrack, have fun, stop reading, go play, NOW, come on I’m serious here.

So if you’ve click up there an looked at the game, you’re either playing it right now or are saying to yourself, this looks like a stupid edutainment game from the late 90’s. All i can say to that is, give the game a chance, it gets amazing. If you find yourself having played it for a few minutes and you’ve discovered that there’s a weird upgrade tree, but can’t seem to get any farther, just keep playing, try exploring a bit.

That’s the best advice that I can give, explore a bit. It’s worth it, it truly is.

Frog Fractions is a magical fever dream of gaming goodness. Full of wacky shenanigans and all sorts of tomfoolery. You just need to put a bit of effort into finding all of it.

And If nothing else, it’ll help you learn about fractions and fruits.


How about this: Eventually you can buy a Dragon, go to space, travel through an asteroid field, go to Mars, become a citizen of mars in a courtroom drama, go under the sea, solve a text based adventure, play DDR and become president.





Christmas DotsWhile travelling through my local Target store this past week looking for snack to indulge myself upon while watching the quite wonderful film FREAK DANCE, I came upon a box of CHRISTMAS DOTS. A limited time only, holiday edition of everyone’s favorite plastic-y gumdrop candy snack DOTS.

DOTS in case you were unaware, are a gumdrop type candy that have that sort of rubbery, chewy texture that makes you feel like your stomach is filled with lumps of shame after you’ve eaten an entire box.

So of course I’d be interested in an even more festive version!

Unlike normal DOTS that come in five different flavors and colors, Christmas DOTS come in two. Actually I guess it’s like two point five really, cause they’re green and red gumdrops with white tops. Green and Red cause of Christmas ya know, and white cause of winter and sow and stuffs. The green ones are lime, generally not a really christmassy flavor, and the red ones are cherry, which I guess is kinda christmassy, at least as far as things that are red flavored go. The white tops are vanilla.

Taste wise, they’re actually pretty good, with both the red and the green ones being pretty tasty. The added vanilla makes gives them a sort of smoothness that was surprisingly good. As a whole they were actually better than I was expecting them to be.

The biggest problem is the lack of variety. Regular DOTS have five flavors, so you can either separate them into different groups and eat away at your favorites or you can just kinda munch on them individually and enjoy the variety as they come out of the box.

If you’re just going to have a few at a time the Christmas ones are a fine candy, but they wont get you enjoyably through a movie. By about the time you’re halfway through the box, you’ll be trying to pawn them off on your friends. Two flavors of sugary plastic isn’t a lot of variety to keep ya snacking on them. It’s only a concern for the more gluttonous of us, but it’s a concern none the less.

But when you then consider the fact that if you eat a whole box of DOTS, they’ll sit in your tummy for hours and you’ll feel a bit unwell, not being able to consume the whole box might just be a plus.

Overall I’d say Christmas DOTS are worth trying, they’re pretty good, just share their festive type, wintery-ness with someone.

Christmas Dots Candy

Snacktastrophe: Cadbury Screme Eggs are a gift from God

Picture of a Cadbury Screme EggWelcome friends to another rousing edition of SNACKTASTROPHE. This isn’t the most timely of updates, cause well, Halloween was six days ago. But hey, for those of you out there who love bargain candy, this is still relevant.

I think that the Cadbury Creme Egg is one of the best candies of all time, and if you asked me my favorite candy item, there’s a pretty good chance that on any given day it’d be my answer. They’re chocolaty, and full of sweet gooey, amazing fondant. They’re a blissful little egg of happiness. A delight to be savored, treasured, and loved.

The only drawback off the Creme Egg is that it generally a seasonal item, available from January to Easter day. On one hand, you can’t have them year round without stock piling, but on the other, their relative scarcity makes them seem even more special every year. It is a hard trade off,the excitement and joy of finally seeing them in a store, versus the fact that you can’t really go out and get one in August. The candy lovers dilemma indeed.

But Cadbury has heard the cries of our hearts and stomachs (and wallets) and released a Halloween version of the egg. It’s a move I’ve long said they should make, and is one I’m quite happy that they’ve gotten around to. Brilliantly dubbed THE CADBURY SCREME EGG, the exact thing we always thought they should be called, the Cadbury Egg returned for October this year.

With a new purple, black and green slime splatted wrapper the egg returns most triumphantly for the most part. Price wise, they’re a little bit on the pricey side, before Halloween I didn’t see one for less than 89 cents, and they’re not purchasable in a four pack like the Easter variety are. But after Halloween I’ve seen them for as low as 40 cents, perfect for you hoarders out there.

Myself, I purchased three of them this year, I didn’t want to over do things. As excited as I was, I’m old enough to know that when Halloween comes around, restraint is the best way to play your candy consumption.

Inside of a Cadbury Screme EggThe eggs themselves are them same save for the coloration of the “yolk” having been changed. Instead of the usual yellow, they now have a more Halloween appropriate neon green center. It makes them look cooler in my humble opinion. Irradiated, ghostly, zombified or what have you. It does bring out the inner kid in you a bit, grown-up candies never have awesome neon green centers. You never see a truffle or fancy-dandy, sea salt and cacao chocolates with neon green centers. Sure you might get a bit of haughty sophistication, and interesting new palettes with expensive specialty candies, but neon coloring can do wonders to make you happy.

Now I can’t say I prefer the Screme to the Creme, cause the Creme Egg is such a long standing Easter tradition, that it would just seem wrong to even imply such a thing. But I can barely express how happy I am that Cadbury Screme Eggs exist. They taste the same wonderful way, and because they’re just around for October, they still retain the rareness quality that makes having one feel special.

Cadbury Screme Eggs are the best thing to happen to Hallowenn candy since Reese’s realized things are better when they’re pumpkin shaped.